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Dear Trick or Treater,

Hello! First and foremost thank you so much for writing a fic for me. I'm excited to read it and hope it's a treat for you to write! I'm requesting fic in all of my fandoms with Trick or Treat as options. I've offered some general comments on my fic preferences and selected fandoms below.

If you need any additional information on what I like you can view my other Dear Author Fic Exchange letters here (DW) and here (LJ) or check me out on AO3 at [ profile] sonicshambles or on Tumblr at [ profile] revealingproserpina.


  • Stories that blend drama and humor. Suspense and tension are great but I like when it's occasionally broken up by moments of levity. I don't like pure fluff but I like stories that end on a fully or mostly positive/hopeful note. (The exception is Trick fic which I understand/appreciate may lend itself to ending on a darker note.)
  • Pre- or Post- Canon settings. What Ifs or slight canon AUs where What If This One Thing Had Happened Differently.
  • Fics centered around all sorts of relationships, not just romantic ones. I love friendship fic and family fic and found family fic (LOVE found family fic is more accurate).
  • For romantic relationships I like first time/first meeting but I'm more partial to established relationships, reunions, or friends/acquaintances transitioning to lovers.
  • I'm fine with any rating and stories involving or centered around sexual encounters for the preferred ships I list in each fandom. If what you write involves sex of any sort it doesn't have to be totally vanilla. Light bondage, roleplaying, spanking, dirty talk, rough intercourse are all things I'm into.
  • Epistolary fics and the modern equivalents (email/text/etc) or fics that combine that with traditional storytelling methods.
  • Graphic descriptions of violence and/or trauma. Violent things can happen but I'd prefer descriptions of them be kept brief.
  • Non-con and dub-con. I respect them both as kinks but don't enjoy reading about them.
  • Physical or sexual abuse.

fandom prompts

Stranger Things (TV 2016)
Preferences: Fic, Trick or Treat
Characters:Nancy Wheeler, Jim "Chief" Hopper, Joyce Byers, Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington
Ships: Joyce/Jim, Nancy/Steve, Nancy/Jonathan, Nancy/Steve/Jonathan


The first season told such an amazing and beautiful story that all of my fic wants fall before or after canon. I've listed my ships above but a gen focused mystery/scary story or some combo of both are all appreciated. I would love something that explored Joyce and/or Hopper's teen years. What were they like then? What was Hawkins like then? Were there any signs of unexplained things going on in the town? Alternatively how does life treat them going forward? How does Joyce deal if/when Will's lingering connection to the Upside-Down becomes more obvious? What would have happened if Joyce and Hopper were stuck in the Upside-Down longer?

I'm a fan of all three of the teen characters and I loved that the show played to the classic 80s teen movie tropes and twisted them ever so slightly. I was happy that the season ended with Nancy and a reformed Steve together and a tentative truce between Steve and Jonathan but still carry a small torch for her and Jonathan. I would love anything that explored any of them or any pair of them or all three of them as adults. As an 80s kid/90s teen a fic involving 90s-era any of them fighting some mystery or a reemergence of an old mystery would be awesome. Do any/all of them leave Hawkins? Do they leave and come back to find the town changed (for better or worse)? Do they have a 10 year high school reunion gone wrong/right?

Doctor Who (2005)
Preferences: Fic, Trick or Treat
Characters:Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who), Clara Oswin Oswald (Doctor Who), Ashildr | Lady Me (Doctor Who)
Ships: Twelve/Clara

Seasons 8 and 9 of New!Who will probably forever go down as two of my favorite seasons of any TV show I ever watched. I love Twelve and Clara as characters, as a Doctor/Companion pairing, and as a ship so much and really loved Me's appearances in S9. And while I ship Twelve/Clara like my life depended on it I know they aren't everyone's preference so I'm fine with a gen focused story.

I would really love something set Post Season 9. Strange/scary adventures on a far off planet, abandoned space station, enemy traps Doctor and/or Clara and/or Me in a maze and they have to escape, or anything that plays to the fun/tension the show has in unusual settings. Or if you don't want to include Twelve at all what are the mysteries of Clara and Me's TARDIS. Or what secrets lurk in Me's long past come back to haunt her? What is like for Clara and Me to navigate the universe with their (semi)immortal statuses?

Going in the trick or treat direction something that focused on Twelve and Clara bumping into each other with Twelve's memory of her still being erased is a fic trope I can't get enough of.

Jessica Jones (TV)
Preferences: Fic, Trick or Treat
Characters:Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones) Luke Cage (Jessica Jones)
Ships: Jessica/Luke


I have such love for both of these characters and how they navigate through the world with their powers and their traumas and how the balance of their strength and the broken parts of them makes them such fascinating characters.I was vaguely aware of their comic book relationship and fell completely in love with their relationship as portrayed in the show. It's messy and not always healthy and complicated so much by Jessica withholding the information about her role in Reva's death.

I would love to see something involving one or both of them where they have save NYC on Halloween. Or a play on two non-costumed superheros having to wear costumes for Halloween or other reasons. There is a part of me that wants something fluffy and happy involving one or both them because they get so little of that on the show (date night fic! One or both of them going undercover and having to fit in!) but I'm also drawn to the dark corners of their world and what mysteries are found in seemingly every alley of Hell's Kitchen and Harlem. The cosmic realm of the MCU is so different from the more gritty, realistic Netflix MCU shows that I'd love to see something that combined the two. What would happen if an Infinity Stone landed in the hands of Jessica or Luke?


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