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Dear Writer,

Thank you so much for writing my Chocolate Box fic. I look forward to reading the story you wrote and most of all hope you enjoy writing it.


- Banter and humor in even more serious leaning fics.

- What if/What happened next. I'm very drawn to stories that explore what happened in the future, what happened post a particular point in canon that wasn't written/filmed/described in canon, or an AU what would happen if something in canon had gone differently.

- For romantic relationships I like first time/first meeting but I'm more partial to established relationships, reunions, or friends transitioning to lovers.

- If what you write involves sex of any sort it doesn't have to be totally vanilla. Light bondage, roleplaying, spanking, dirty talk, rough intercourse are all things I'm into.

- Epistolary fics and the modern equivalents (email/text/etc) or fics that combine that with traditional storytelling methods.


- Graphic descriptions of violence. Violent things can happen but I'd prefer descriptions of them be kept brief.

- Non-con and dub-con. I respect them both as kinks but don't enjoy reading about them.

- Physical or sexual abuse.

Doctor Who & Related Fandoms

Mickey Smith/Martha Jones
We were shown such a brief glimpse of their relationship and nothing at all about how they got together or fell in love so I would love anything that fills in those blanks. I imagine it wasn't the easiest relationship to start. i do like the idea of these two people who we saw struggle to find both their place in the world and their place in the universe as shown to them by the Doctor found each other and fell in love.

What is a day in their life like?
What was their wedding/honeymoon like? (How many times was the world threatened during it?)
What happens when they have another adventure with the Doctor as a married couple? (Any Doctor is fine but my preference is Twelve)

Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler
I loved all three of them so much: as individual characters, as duos, and as a threesome. I loved how Jack and Rose's playfulness worked with Nine's rougher edges and the few brief times we saw all three of them laughing and smiling.

How would Jack and Rose work together to get Nine into bed?
What could have happened if all three of them had escaped from the Game Station with Nine not regenerating?
What would have happened if Nine hadn't regenerated but Jack was still trapped there and came across Nine and Rose later?
What goes on when the three of them are trapped in Rose's flat overnight with Jackie away and the TARDIS malfunctioning?
What would Rose do if instead of getting back to her Earth in The Stolen Earth she ended up in another alternate Earth where Nine and Jack were?

Twelfth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald
These two took me completely by surprise from the start of Twelve's first episode and I loved everything about their journey together over two seasons. The story arc of a companion too much like the Doctor was played out beautifully by them and all of the potential subtext of every layer of their relationship, both as it was portrayed in canon and as it can be seen in a more overt shipping context, has made it one of my all time favorite relationships on the show.

What happens if Twelve runs into Clara after the events of Hell Bent and still doesn't remember her?
What happens if he does?
What could have happened on the Orient Express if there hadn't been a Mummy to take them away from their sleeping quarters?
What would a private concert that Twelve performs for Clara be like?

Jessica Jones
Luke Cage/Jessica Jones

I was vaguely aware of their comic book relationship and fell completely in love with their relationship as portrayed in the show. It's messy and not always healthy and complicated so much by Jessica withholding the information about her role in Reva's death. I would like to see how they could move on from that and start to build something more substantial. Alternatively I wouldn't mind seeing them make things work for one night. 

What can two super powered people with tons of sexual chemistry and a complicated emotional history get up to in one night?
Looking forward what is a quiet night at home for them like and is that even something that is possible?
What happens when two heroes who hate costumes get their hands on some?
In an AU where the bar didn't explode or in a lost scene before it did what happens after the last customer leaves and it's just Jessica and Luke left?
How successful are they at attempting a dinner and a movie style date?

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett  

Colin Craven & Mary Lennox & Dickon Sowerby
Colin Craven/Mary Lennox/Dickon Sowerby
Mary Lennox/Dickon Sowerby

My love for this book has endured through every decade of my life. It's got so many of my favorite things: found family, real family that learns to become a true family, nature as a healer, friendships that overcome all sorts of boundaries, and characters that aren't transformed into better people over night but journey towards finding the better person inside of them.

My preference for timeline would be post-canon. I feel like the book told a very complete story but the possibilities for what happened to them as adults is endless. Were Colin and Mary able to easily keep Dickon a part of their life as they advanced in society? Did the three of them remain at/close to Misselthwaite or were they drawn elsewhere? Another idea is something happened to bring them all back to the garden and heal them again. How does WW1 change their lives and the world of Misselthwaite? How would Colin react to a relationship between Mary and Dickon?


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