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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thanks in advance for writing my Yuletide fic! I'm already excited to read it and I hope you have a great time writing it. I will go into some detail on my likes and dislikes as well as some prompts for each fandom but please know I truly mean it when I say that at the end of the day I want you to write a story that satisfies you as a writer.


- Banter and humor in even more serious leaning fics. 

- A strong female presence. They don't have to be the main character, the strongest character, the best character, or the one that saves the day but if my request involves a female character I'd like to see them involved in driving the plot.

- What if/What happened next. I'm very drawn to stories that explore what happened in the future, what happened post a particular point in canon that wasn't written/filmed/described in canon, or an AU what would happen if something in canon had gone differently.

- Fics centered around all sorts of relationships, not just romantic ones. I love friendship fic and family fic and found family fic.

- For romantic relationships I like first time/first meeting but I'm more partial to established relationships, reunions, or friends transitioning to lovers.

- If what you write involves sex of any sort it doesn't have to be totally vanilla. Light bondage, roleplaying, spanking, dirty talk, rough intercourse are all things I'm into. 


- Graphic descriptions of violence. Violent things can happen but I'd prefer descriptions of them be kept brief.

- Non-con and dub-con. I respect them both as kinks but don't enjoy reading about them.

- Physical or sexual abuse.

- If I were to combine the above three in a more general dislike it would be that while I don't require happy endings or fluff (I don't actually enjoy straight up fluff) I'm not looking for my Yuletide fic to be emotionally draining to read and all of the above are topics I find emotionally draining to read. 

And now the requests:
Chess (Florence Vassy, Frederick Trumper)
I guess the most important thing to state is not when I first listened to or saw Chess or how many versions of the show I'm familiar with but which one I prefer.  I prefer the British staged version with the addition of Someone Else's Story a la the Royal Albert Hall concert. 
Some prompts are:
Florence becomes a professional chess player!
Florence becomes a reporter and she and Freddie are both reporters covering Anatoly's third bid for championship.
Freddie is still pining for Florence and decides to help her find the actual truth about her family.
AU where Freddie won the match between him and Anatoly- what happens next!
AU where Florence was the chess player and Freddie was her second.

I've always had a soft spot for Freddie and Florence ending up back together after they've had separate periods to grow and change. I won't be upset if this isn't a romantic fic but if you want to do the grand sweeping love story of Freddie and Florence I'd love it. 
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Charlie Kelly, Dee Reynolds)
To be honest I'd be just as happy with a gen fic or a romantic fic or a something in between since this is IASIP and Dee and Charlie we're talking about. I love them both as characters so much and have always enjoyed their dynamic. 
The Gang Misses The Boat was a bit of an eyeopener for me as to their potential as a romantic pair and while I don't think the show will ever seriously explore it I would love a fic that did. Could they make it as a couple? How would the gang react? How would the Waitress react? Would it last or fizzle out or go down in flames? There's no wrong answer to any of these questions but a lot of fun opportunities.
If you're more into them in a non-romantic setting I wouldn't mind anything involving them involved in a crazy scheme or adventure. Maybe Charlie writes another musical and Dee is the star with a lot of opinions or Dee asks for Charlie's help in getting revenge on Frank. Another idea (because this past season was really good) would be a lost scene from The Gang Beats Boggs. It could be on the plane as they're getting progressively drunker or after they start to sober up. 
And if you're into to writing about just one of them as the main character I'm fine with anything. It can be a deeper look into what they are like away from the Gang or what's really going on inside their mind. 
There are no characters I would object to showing up so please feel free to play around with the entire universe of characters. 
Miranda (Miranda Hart, Stevie Sutton)
The day I discovered this show on Hulu was a very happy day. I have rewatched it from start to finish, as well the specials that aired last year, more times than I care to admit. I love every character and every relationship on this show but the friendship between Miranda and Stevie is my favorite. 

With that said I'd love something set either pre- or post- series.

Pre-series: What was Miranda and Stevie's friendship like in the beginning? What sort of adventures did they have before they worked at the shop together?  How did Miranda manage to get Stevie to work with her?  Was Stevie ever in a serious relationship and how did Miranda handle it?

Post-series: How does their relationship change after Miranda and Gary get married? How much trouble can they get into when Gary goes away for the weekend? Do they ever meet Heather Smalls? 

I'm very fond of everyone on the show so include whoever else you'd like.

Playing House (Maggie Caruso, Emma Crawford, Mark Rodriguez)
I started watching this just before Season 2 aired and I've got my fingers crossed so tight for a Season 3. As someone who has had the same best friend since kindergarten I love how thoughtfully and lovingly it explores a lifelong friendship.

I would honestly and truthfully love anything about this show and these characters but here are some ideas:
The first time Emma met Bosephus
Maggie struggling with being third wheel when Emma and Mark start dating
Mark and Maggie running into each after Emma left town
Thinking ahead to post-S2 finale:
What was Mark there to say? (I ship Emma/Mark but would be equally happy to see an exploration of them not ending up together)
Mark & Emma have to babysit Charlotte

All other characters and any reference to a Kenny Loggins song is very welcome!
The Thick of It (Emma Messinger, Jamie MacDonald, Nicola Murray, Malcolm Tucker)
I moved to DC the same year that In The Loop came out and the movie instantly connected with me for being TOO TRUE but one of the funniest movies I'd ever seen.  This led to hunting down The Thick of It and becoming an instant fan of the series.  I've rewatched it more times than I care to admit. I love it because it's laugh to the point of crying funny and also because it challenges me as a viewer who prefers to find a sympathetic strain and hold on to it even when the general tone is unsympathetic. I'll do that with TTOI and by the next episode who I'm rooting for and rooting to fail has completely changed. 
The four characters I requested are the ones I'd most prefer to see a fic centered around but feel free to use one, two, three, or all four and include any and all other characters from the show. I don't strongly ship any of the four together. 

A Day in the Life of Emma. How did her and Phil end up as flatmates? Does she ever find love?  Emma ends up working alone by herself and uncovers a secret in a coworkers desk. 

What happened to Jamie?  Seriously, what happened to him. Did Malcolm banish him or did he leave on his own? How did he react to the Fall of Malcolm?  Is he still in government or did he find a job in another field? 
What is Malcolm doing now? I've always assumed that his trial didn't result in any serious jail time or any serious punishment beyond being officially banned from working in government again. I can see him writing a book, becoming a blogger, becoming a professor or lecturer. What was Malcolm's personal life like during/post series?  Did he have one and how much of a facade was the cozy home/wedding ring/children's drawings in his office?
Does Nicola ever make a return to leadership in the party? We got so many hints of her life outside of work during Series 3 and 4 but never a totally clear picture so I'd be interested to see Nicola's life outside of work. 
Veep (Amy Brookheimer, Dan Egan, Jonah Ryan)
Sometimes I love a show because it is the perfect form of escapism and sometimes I love a show because of how deeply I can relate to it. While I do not work in politics living in DC has given me a deep appreciation for this show and I can very much relate to the work obsessed, stressed out world these characters live in.The three characters I selected are my favorites but feel free to use one, two, or all three of them as well as anyone else from the show. I ship Amy/Dan and Amy/Dan/Jonah and wouldn't mind either or gen. 

Suggested Prompts are:

Jonah ends up at same lobbying firm as Amy and Dan. They don't know this is happening until his first day.
Amy shows up at Dan's place to find Jonah there. Can lead to sexy times, hilarity, or both. 
Amy sets out to prove she can drink them both under the table.
Dan ends up having to hitch a ride with Jonah to an event in New York.
Amy and Dan are (or think they are) the only two people left in the office. 
The three end up seated at the same table at a wedding where they all only know the bride and groom. 
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