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Dear Night On Fic Mountain Writer,

Thanks in advance for writing for me! Please know that I truly mean it when I say that at the end of the day I want you to write a story that satisfies you as a writer. My DNWs are pretty DNW but I don't have many of them and if all of my prompts leave you cold and you've got a great idea of your own I can't wait to read it.

The Short & Sweet About Me Section (C&P'd from my Dear Yuletide Writer Letter Cause It's All Still True)

I've been writing stories in my head about TV and movie characters for as long as I can remember and have been involved in online fandom on and off since 1998. Most of the past few years have been off or passively on in that reblogging things on Tumblr sort of way. A renewed interest in some of my older fandoms and a burgeoning interest in new or new to me fandoms has brought me back to the fic side of the fandom universe. I enjoy everything from gen to het to M/M and F/F slash and what I like the most usually depends on the fandom. I don't read as much PWP as I used to but I'm not against it and certainly enjoy sex scenes that are part of a story. I land in this hard to describe middle area between vanilla and moderately kinky that I will try to describe in my likes/dislike section. I'm also fine with gen or a shippy fic with no sex.

Below I'll highlight my most prominent Likes & Dislikes.


- Banter and humor in even more serious leaning fics. I'm not much of a fan of a constant stream of negative emotions.

- A strong female presence. They don't have to be the main character, the strongest character, the best character, or the one that saves the day but if my request involves a female character I'd like to see them involved in the plot.

- What if/What happened next. I'm very drawn to stories that explore what happened in the future, what happened post a particular point in canon that wasn't written/filmed/described in canon, or an AU what would happen if something in canon had gone differently.

- Fics centered around all sorts of relationships, not just romantic ones. I love friendship fic and family fic and found family fic.

- For romantic relationships I like first time/first meeting but I'm more partial to established relationships, reunions, or friends transitioning to lovers.

- If what you write involves sex of any sort it doesn't have to be totally vanilla. Light bondage, roleplaying, spanking, dirty talk, rough intercourse are all things I'm into. Whether the couple is M/F, F/F, or M/M, I like both parties to be equally enthusiastic and calling the shots.


- Graphic descriptions of violence. Violent things can happen but I'd prefer descriptions of them be kept brief.

- Non-con and dub-con. I respect them both as kinks but don't enjoy reading about them.

- Physical or sexual abuse.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Characters: Dee Reynolds, Charlie Kelly

To be honest I'd be just as happy with a gen fic or a romantic fic or a something in between since this is IASIP and Dee and Charlie we're talking about. I love them both as characters so much and have always enjoyed their dynamic.

The Gang Misses The Boat was a bit of an eyeopener for me as to their potential as a romantic pair and while I don't think the show will ever serious explore it I would love a fic that did. Could they make it as a couple? How would the gang react? How would the Waitress react? Would it last or fizzle out or go down in flames? There's no wrong answer to any of these questions but a lot of fun opportunities.

If you're more into them in a non-romantic setting I wouldn't mind anything involving them involved in a crazy scheme or adventure. Maybe Charlie writes another musical and Dee is the star with a lot of opinions or Dee asks for Charlie's help in getting revenge on Frank. Another idea (because this past season was really good) would be a lost scene from The Gang Beats Boggs. It could be on the plane as their getting progressively drunker or after they start to sober up.

And if you're into to writing about just one of them as the main character I'm fine with anything. It can be a deeper look into what they are like away from the Gang or what's really going on inside their mind.

There are no characters I would object to showing up so please feel free to play around with the entire universe of characters.

Jane Eyre
Characters: Jane Eyre

By virtue of the book's format I love how much time we spend with Jane. I'd love to see a lost scene set any time during her time at Thornfield. It could be introspection during a normal day or a minor situation or incident. Additionally I wouldn't mind seeing something set post-novel. I am quite invested in Jane/Rochester being a love story if not the healthiest example of one. I'd be interested in something that explores their struggles as they adjust to life post the events of novel but would want to ultimately end with them committed and content.

Anything from gen to Explicit is welcome.

Night At The Museum
Characters: Any

This is one of my favorite movies and I feel no guilt over being an adult who derives a great deal of joy from them. I realize that with a universe as broad as this and with an Any character request some guidance might be preferred but there are no specific wants I have. I'd love to see an expansion of the theme of the movies with traveling to a different museum and/or meeting new historic figures. I love all of the existing characters so you are welcome to include any/all. I don't hardcore ship any pairing but am fond of Octavius/Jedediah, Teddy/Sacagawea, and Larry/Amelia Earhart. Another favorite character is Ahkmenrah and I'd love to see how his "life" changes post the events of the third movie. Would be just as interested to see what Larry is up post the third movie.

Characters: Steph

Steph was such a fun, frustrating, character I rooted for and I'd love to see something involving her post-movie. What she did? Did she find love? Was it something star crossed and successful/successful with Gail or someone else from Onllwyn. It would be interesting to see how the rest of the 80s treated her from both a political and/or cultural standpoint. I don't usually say I'd like my gift to be one thing or another but I do care a lot about her ultimately thriving in a place that loves and accepts her whether that's still with the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners group or somewhere else.

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